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Lifejackets Basics(Hits:)
Author: Time:2017-10-9

We recommend that consumers must be clear that a life jacket is a very special product, and isused in life-saving critical time, so be sure to carefully selected. First, the internationalregulations (IMO lifejacket) 

1, buoyancy: Adults must be greater than 7.5 kg; 

2, floating state: the human body into the water, after steady posture should be ------- waterfrom the mouth 

From the
 surface is greater than 12 cm; 

3, strength: the strength of domestic CCS no obvious requirement, and foreign general 

Required strength of the tension is greater than 90 kg; 

Second, some of the standard lifejacket international: 
There are Chinese CCS certification, UL certification, CE certification, 
Canada ULC certification, certification QAS Australia, Japan, JCI, HK certification And so on. 

Third, more detailed information about lifejackets after finishing we will continue to upload, 

 you have any questions about life jackets, ready and online customer service 

 or message, we will give answers for the first time, I wish you stroll 


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